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Economy, Business, Religions, Science, Health, Money, Family, Stress, Life. Have you ever wondered what the World would be like if everyone was as humble and loving and as perfect as Jesus Christ? It would be heaven on earth just as God had intended it to be, right from the beginning.

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Live Broadcast:

Religions, religions and more religions but what does Christ want?


Discussing our “Welcome to the Jungle” Street Missions.


We will be asking for goods and/or donations for our “Welcome to the Jungle” Street Missions.

Raw Truth

Marathon of Life

But heaven on earth is not here; because if it were then the stresses of life including sicknesses and death would not be known to us. Man has chosen this path and now we wander in a state of confusion and conflict in this selfish Marathon of Life.

This Month


But life can still be good &  full of Hope & can be enjoyed with the Beauty God has provided for us both inside ourselves and outside into the world. This however does not mean to be a part of the world in secular context

Raw Boldness

It means to become Christlike and utilize his attributes within us to see the true beauty and AWESOMENESS of God! Unshakable Truth will ignite this Truth with Raw Boldness!